When inspiration formulated into a chemistry of butter, oils, salts, and aromas for the senses.

good for the senses

I’ve long retreated to a place of calm with aromatherapy.  Lavender, peppermint, and bergamot would often diffuse into my college dorm room.  When given the opportunity, my projects in college often addressed the benefits of essential oils in conjunction with nursing. While working as a pediatric nurse, I became interested in self-care for health care workers, with a strong belief that the more we are able to take care of ourselves, the better we are able to take care of others.  I obtained my massage therapy license with goals to offer this benefit to the health care team.  Although I didn’t end up practicing as a massage therapist, it provided the spark of an idea.

enter 2020

Enter Covid-19. Enter homeschooling two school-age boys and working as a nurse at the hospital. Enter the ultimate juggle and struggle.  I found the only time by myself was for a brief 5-minute shower as I purposefully tried to inhale some delicious eucalyptus soap from a local shop and just breathe.  I found myself wanting to support local shops as they were on the brink of a potential financial crisis while giving back to my co-workers as they provided exceptional care in the midst of a pandemic. And then, the idea began to take shape. I’ve made a career out of taking care of others- why not create a buttery treat for the skin and gift for the senses? Why not infuse your personal sanctuary with relaxation and inspiration, even if it’s just for 5 minutes?


Succulents were an ideal icon to represent our ability to adapt to change, the resiliency and strength to tackle our current environment, and flourish with grace and beauty. 


why succulents?

Succulents are a variety of plants and herbs known as adaptogens with unique abilities to survive in harsh climates and store water necessary for existence.  This entire concept resonated with me.  Succulents were an ideal icon to represent our ability to adapt to change, the resiliency and strength to tackle our current environment, and flourish with grace and beauty.  In order to replenish our skin and revitalize our senses, I naturally decided to incorporate ingredients derived from succulents and adaptogens.  Integrating fair trade organic ingredients was essential to support fair wages with the intention to preserve soil quality and address long-term sustainability.

quotes​ for inspiration

I imagined how unwrapping the package and finding a simple quote might evoke a spontaneous smile, a sudden burst of laughter, or take your mind traveling far-far away. I wanted to add idioms from other languages to remind us to be open to learning something new. Some are more serious, some are witty, and some are dreamy.  The ideal recipe for Succulent Calm + Inspired was near completion.

easy on the planet


Eco-friendly packaging was a must, so it was an easy decision to use No Issue Tissue as their mission centers on providing environmentally conscious, sustainable packaging.  Succulent Calm + Inspired is a proud member of the Eco-Packaging Alliance which means, for every order we place, the alliance plants trees in areas of need.

it takes a village

It took a village to create Succulent Calm + Inspired.  Starting and ending with my loving and unconditionally supportive husband and two boys. Without their patience and encouragement when the ingredients weren’t holding together, I probably would have thrown in the towel within the first week!  I can’t begin to list the innumerous ways my husband picked up my slack from taking the boys on mountain bike rides so I could master a recipe, to providing his giant hug of reassurance and laughter when frustration clouded my perseverance.  My sweet boys tested the variety of scent combinations provoking comments from “too planty,” to, “mom, this one is just like all of your other scents.” The honesty of my close friends who trialed different herbs for the bath bombs, altering the color of the bathwater in ways which resembled “swamp water” was hilarious but hugely important.  The friends who contributed French or Spanish or Italian quotes personalized the story behind the inspiration.  My girlfriend, in PR, was priceless and always on point.  And for the endless questions and revisions my amazing and talented graphics designer had to endure as she guided the whole branding process from beginning to end. And to every friend and family member who openly accepted all questions with open arms, I am forever thankful.


La salud es la mayor riqueza

Enjoy these products from Succulent Calm + Inspired handmade just for you or take pleasure in giving a special treat to your friends and family!